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How to Apply For a Custom OSHA Compliance Manual From OSHA Safety Manuals:

We can keep you on track to maintaining compliance with OSHA through the purchase of our custom OSHA compliance manuals. Whatever industry you happen to work in, there are numerous benefits to owning your own custom manual. Why wade through pages and pages of unnecessary regulations that do not pertain to your industry when we can create a succinct and accurate manual specifically for your business? We make it easy to get connected over the Web; just follow these instructions to get started:

Visit our ‘Custom Safety Manuals’ page by accessing our home page and selecting ‘Custom Safety Manuals: Learn More’. You can download the administrative chapter files from the website or allow us to create your manual for you. If you choose the second option, fill in the type of business, its main activities, and products or services you offer. Let us know how many employees you have working at your business and how many of your employees are supervisors.

Every OSHA compliance manual must contain the following chapters: Safety and Health Policy, Responsibility, Disciplinary Policy, Safety Orientation, Accident/Loss Reporting, Accident Investigation, Safety Inspections, Emergency Procedures, First Aid, and Fire Prevention. We’ll add these chapters in to your custom OSHA manual so you can find them quickly and easily.

Here’s where your manual gets creative. Check the box for each additional activity that takes place at your business, whether it’s an ongoing activity or one that only takes place on occasion. There’s a lot to select from, so take your time and go over the list carefully, making sure not to overlook an activity. Some of the activities we can include in your custom OSHA compliance manual include:


Benzene Awareness

Bloodborne Pathodens

Hazardous Waste Evacuation Plan

Punch Press Safety Guide

Scaffolding Safety

Traffic Control Flagger Procedures

Tuberculosis Exposure Control Plan

Welding Safety Program

Working Near Water

Chemical Dip Tank

High Pressure Water Jetting Systems in Construction

Hearing Conservation Program

Sandblasting Safety & Silica Exposure

Heat Stress Illness Prevention Plan

Electrical Safety

High Pile Storage Safety Procedure

And numerous other activities

You’ll find a complete list of activities to select from and add to your custom OSHA compliance manual on our website. Choose as few or as many as apply to your place of business. We have an extensive library that exceeds our ability to list all activities on our website, so if you don’t see a category that fits your description, please let us know by filling out the ‘Additional Sections’ space. We’ll reply with additional activity categories to complete your OSHA compliance manual.

Complete the contact information section so we know how to get in touch with you, and just let us know the purpose for the creation of your manual, whether it is for third party qualification, updating an existing manual, an OSHA request, or for a business without an existing manual. Most manuals include 30-50 chapters covering around 300-400 pages. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact our OSHA MAN at 855-674-2626.

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