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5 Commonly Asked Questions About OSHA Safety Manuals

Workers who have taken the time to read through their OSHA safety manuals may believe that they are fully up to date on everything that they need to know. However, there are a wide range of follow up questions that often come up after the OSHA safety manuals have been read. We are here to offer insight to all those who may have some form of confusion.

Be sure to read on and learn more about the most commonly asked questions when it comes to OSHA safety manuals. While these manuals can be very helpful, they are bound to lead to follow up questions. Take a moment to educate yourself about these matters.

1) What If The Workplace Is Not Safe?

If an employee feels as if they are being made to work in an unsafe environment, they may also feel as if they have precious little recourse. Those who believe that they are being asked to work in conditions that are not safe should always start off by bringing these concerns to the attention of their employer. From there, a complaint can be filed with OSHA if the employee does not feel as if their voice is being heard.

2) How Do We Get In Contact With OSHA Inspectors?

An employee who believes that their workplace is unsafe will usually contact an OSHA inspector to assist them with their complaints once they have been filed. In order to get in touch with an OSHA inspector, employees need to pick up the phone and go through the proper steps of the complaint filing process. Complaints can be filed without any acknowledgement of specific OSHA standards.

3) What Steps Need To Be Taken?

The complaint can be filed by a worker or one of their legal representatives. The complaint can also be filed in a number of different ways. The employee will have the chance to file their complaint through fax, phone or e-mail. From there, the worker must explain their issues to OSHA directly. Unless the employer can provide specific information regarding their concerns, the claim is likely to be denied.

4) What If The Employer Has Already Received an OSHA Citation?

Proactive employees will often decide to take the initiative to search the OSHA database on their own time. This allows them to learn more about any past infractions that may have taken place and alert the proper authorities. If an employee would like to learn more about the past citation and what their recourse is on the matter, they are urged to contact their local OSHA offices in order to ask the necessary questions.

5) Are We Able To See The Company's Records?

A company is required to keep their own records for employee injury and illness. If the employee wishes to take a closer look at these records, there is nothing that can be done to stop them. An employer that does not allow their employees to see these records is not an employer that should be trusted. A refusal to allow an employee to see these records is grounds for a legitimate complaint.


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