Reviewing a pistol reloading guide can allow you to learn vital components of owning a gun. Learning how to reload a pistol is fairly easy to pick up once you have memorized the step by step progress. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to answer the question of, “How long does it take to reload a gun?” The answer depends on how smoothly and confidently you handle your weapon. Skilled and confident gun owners are likely to reload more quickly than novice beginners, which is understandable. Taking the time to learn the basic tips and techniques for loading your gun will decrease the time it takes for you to accomplish the task.

Answer for How Does a Gun Reload

The process of loading your pistol depends on what type of pistol you own. The process is basically the same in all types, but there might be a few key differences in the locations of key features. Clearing your gun is one of the first steps in loading your pistol after finishing off a cartridge. Most people ask the question, “What does it mean to clear a gun?” Clearing a gun is jargon for making sure there aren’t any bullets in the chamber. Working with live ammunition can be dangerous if the proper procedures aren’t followed respectfully. The easiest way to clear a gun is to shoot it in a safe and open area, but that is not always a viable option. Another way to clear a gun is to open the side chamber and remove the remaining round, which typically involves moving a clip. The process of opening the side chamber of a pistol greatly depends on what type of pistol it is.

Next Steps in the Process of Refilling Pistol Ammo

The next step in replenishing your pistol ammo is to refill the magazine, which can be accomplished by pressing a button or clip found near the side of the grip. Which side of the handle this button or clip is located will differ from pistol type to pistol type. Face your ammo with the flat side facing the rear of your gun into the cartridge one bullet at a time. Placing multiple bullets into the cartridge at once will likely jam your gun, which is why you should take your time. Once the cartridge is full of ammo, you can firmly push it back into the handle of the gun.

What is Combat Reload?

Combat reload is another gun jargon term that is also known as a speed load. This type of refilling process is done by quickly ejecting a spent cartridge with one hand while smoothly loading up with a new cartridge with the available hand. The number one benefit of this strategy is the time it saves, which can mean life or death in actual combat. It takes time and practice to perfect this type of ammo loading process, but it could end up saving your life in a dire situation. It is never too late to learn new techniques and strategies by calling Rangeview Sports at +1 905-868-6666.