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Importance Of Safety Manuals For Small Businesses

When you a small business owner, it is often easy to overlook or take for granted things like safety manuals. Having just a few employees, you are likely to assume all will always go well. For most small business owners, their focus is mainly on improving sales/revenue, increasing their customer base, producing more goods or perfecting service delivery.

But having a written safety manual is instrumental to the growth of your business. These manuals can help protect employees from workplace accidents, allowing your workers to focus more on carrying out their responsibilities than spending time recuperating at hospitals.

Below are some of the reasons to consider written safety manuals;

1) Federal requirements:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the agency charged with the responsibility of maintaining safety in the workplace. Although the agency doesn't mandate all businesses to have written safety manuals, it requires them, however, to provide a safe working environment for all their employees. A safety manual is instrumental in providing a safe working environment.

The OSHA mandates that any business that deals with hazardous chemicals such as copier toner and cleaning fluid should provide its employees with written material safety data sheet for each of the substances. If however, your work is hazardous, such as working with electricity or scaffolding, then you must meet the safety standard for this work. A workplace with safety program reflects a high level of responsibility, it shows how much the business respects the health and safety of its employees. To assist small businesses to develop a safety program for their workplace, OHSA makes available free sample handbook which can be used as a guide.

2) Employee safety:

Many business owners assume their employees know about safety practices, therefore, there is no need to have safety manuals at work. Although this is true in some instances, regardless, it is important to emphasize these safety procedures. This helps to put safety in front of everyone's mind and help them to be more mindful of work. In some cases, employees are not aware of some of these safety procedures. These manuals help to keep employees safe and healthy, which ensures that your business runs as smoothly as it should.

3) Save money:

Accidents are typical in workplaces, and when they happen they can cost businesses a lot of money and time. Safety manuals are one of the ways by which the occurrence of accidents in workplaces can be reduced to the barest minimum. Workplace accidents can result in wasted time, as workers may have to leave work to recuperate. Also, the business may have to pay the worker compensation claims.

A building with a written safety program can be eligible for a discount on insurance premiums.

4) Make money:

When bidding for contracts, one of the requirements for the award of the project is documents showing your workplace safety program. A small business with a written safety manual is in a better position to win bids over other ill-prepared companies. Also, such document helps to give other companies more confident to deal with you; it shows how professional you are.


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